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игра за деньги без регистрации

Игра за деньги без регистрации

As noted above, simulations help casinos to temper the effects of rationalization. As a counterfactual, imagine that casinos were built like warehouses-dimly-lit, cavernous buildings wrapped in plain brick. Such warehouse-like casino-hotels would be easy to construct игра за деньги без регистрации inexpensive to build and to operate.

Gamblers might stop in once or twice, but would they return again and again. Would they travel great distances and at great expense to gamble in a warehouse. More importantly, would gamblers bring their families, at great expense, to a city populated by warehouse-like hotel-casinos.

The answer to these questions is clearly no. Visitors to Las Vegas casinos require spectacles игра за деньги без регистрации reenchantment and one way of providing them is through elaborate simulations. Yet the success of a new means of consumption is premised игра за деньги без регистрации the extension of both rationalization and reenchantment. Without the former, hordes of customers could not be serviced efficiently.

Without the latter, those customers would be put off and unlikely to visit with the frequency needed to support the simulated gambling palaces that dominate Las Vegas. For this reason, Las Vegas hotels spend a fortune on what amounts to little more than elaborate decorations.

However, it is in Las Vegas that simulations have come of age and come to dominate the landscape. Those who control other means игра охота на андроид много денег consumption and who want to counter rationalization with the re-enchantment associated with simulations would do well to study, and are studying, the recent additions to the Las Vegas landscape.

If modernity is characterized by progressive differentiation of consumption from other activities (e. Functional distinctions that once seemed natural, like, at a more macro level, the distinction between consumption and entertainment, disappear. Similarly, what were once separate shops such as the butcher, the grocery, and the bakery implode into the supermarket. At its most extreme, implosion results in extensive homogenization.

Ultimately, implosion results in a world of consumption seemingly without borders or limits where everything is available, anywhere, at any time. There are many good examples of this kind of recombination in contemporary consumer culture: laundromats with exercise equipment, health clubs with lounges for socializing, movie theaters with pubs or restaurants, and coffee shops with Internet access. Онлайн анализатор рулетки игра за деньги без регистрации these settings relies on a novel combination to attract customers.

By doing so, they make familiar or routine consumption seem fresh and different. Not long ago, Las Vegas was almost exclusively игры с реальным заработком денег без вложений destination for gamblers. As we saw, simulations have drawn a wide range of non-gamblers to Las Vegas and the same is true of implosions.

For example, игра за деньги без регистрации the MGM Grand and Circus Circus we have the implosion of a casino and a theme park into the hotel. The boundary between gambling and shopping has also been eroded in Las Vegas. A игра за деньги без регистрации general implosion involves the erosion of the boundary between touring and consuming.

Although tourism has игра за деньги без регистрации involved the consumption of goods and services, in Las Vegas consumption игра за деньги без регистрации become the main point of touring. Most people go to Las Vegas with the sole intention of spending time and money consuming, whether gambling in the casinos, trying out the rides in the amusement parks, or shopping at the malls.

This is in large part due to the deliberate implosion of casino facilities with other, more mainstream, forms of leisure and consumption like those outlined above.

The result is twofold. On the one hand, gambling is normalized as a legitimate form of entertainment, comparable to visiting a shopping mall or theme park.]



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Игра за деньги без регистрации



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Игра за деньги без регистрации



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Игра за деньги без регистрации



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